Knowing food and natural remedies – a big step toward family health

We introduce the organic food issue Mr. Josep Arnau, Store co-owner of the Supernatural – shop for green products and remedies lifetime in Sant Cugat.

Hello mamis! Without exaggerating, I think my life is divided into two parts: before I became a mother and then. When I said it before having my little princess that things would change for the better lot and I did not believe it. It's true. I confirm. And I'm sure you mamis, Also you agree. Because it has changed for the better if all we do is now not sleep, Breastfeeding N times per night, calm the crying and changing diapers ..?? Because we we want to be best for our children. And we want to give them a way to live good and healthy, starting change for us and the whole family.

Before getting pregnant, and sure many of you will recognize what I say, He ate what was next, without choosing too. My rate included little sleep day, improved food quality and a lot of stress (especially labor issues). He ate when given the opportunity and the same with sleep. Of course, We can not always choose it all but in our lives is much that can be improved and to have a life a little healthier.

All this begins clearly the food and disease prevention, Therefore treatment with natural remedies. This is the big step today so difficult to take and believe it is the best.

That´s why, I myself being a bit amateurish with these issues (I recognize fully) I decided to go and meet one of the stores with more history and quality of green products and remedies: Supernatural Sant Cugat. I chose this store because of its long experience and experienced for many years.

I made this visit with great curiosity and willingness to learn and learn more about healthy eating and to give mamis useful information about food also when introducing foods to babies. So I met Mr. Josep – a very kind and with lots of experience and training in food issues and natural treatment person. He is one of the founders and co-owners of the store. Here I take this opportunity to thank you for your time and all the helpful things explained 🙂

So, It all started 01.05.1989 – more than 27 Years in Sant Cugat. People working in training Supernatural has Naturopathy, auricular and Nutrition. Their motto is not so much to sell something but to advise and help you understand “What is my situation and I can do“. Sometimes it is more important I do not the act of buying something.

Ask Mr. Josep: How he decided to open this business? Years ago I walked into an ecological shop in Castellón where they also told me that there is a formation of natural remedies in Barcelona and I went to study the same in Barcelona (Valldoreix). That's how it all started. Then among several fellow students we decided to mount an ecological shop in Sant Cugat.

What kind of people and what kind of problems they tend to come more often? The 95% cases are often women with typical female problems – menstrual or menopause, or issues of osteoarthritis, cholesterol etc.. Women also usually come to seek remedies for the whole family.

We took a guided tour in the shop with Mr. Josep where I could explain a lot about healthy eating and organic food and natural remedies. Also on their application in case of children and babies.

We started by organic cereals. Baby can give rice cereal from 4 months, both Quinoa is a gluten-free cereal also carries many minerals and high level. It is also in the form of porridge. Red lentils because they do not wear skin can be used to introduce legumes babies.

Then we went to seeds. The seeds are wonderful because such a small thing has to grow a tree or a plant. The good thing about this type of food is barely known intolerances. With almonds have calcium intake. Sesame has much calcium is very good to take when you do not take a lot of cow's milk. It can also give babies crushed from the 6-7 months. For people who do not eat fish seeds carry the Omega 3 vegetable – for example linseed, hemp.

oils: coconut oil gives a good body cakes when we look at something greasy substitute – margarine or butter. If we looked for a substitute for any animal milk, we can put vegetable milk (coco, avena, Soy..)

fermented beverages: They help a lot to the health of the small intestine that is very important to prevent allergies, intolerances, help nutrient absorption. As an alternative to cow yogurt you can drink such as fermented black garlic or drink called Kombutxa which is made from a fermented fungus and tastes like champagne. It is taken with a glass once or twice a day. It is good for people with slow digestion, when they are swollen belly.

For people with fructose intolerance (and, it also exists!!): seek less ripe fruit that does not have much fructose, less cooked pasta. There is also the sugar Nutella for you people who do not want to take sugar. We have learned that if we see something called “jam” You should not take sugar. But if called jam, and it carries sweeteners. Often puts some fruit concentrate juice to sweeten and for everything to remain very liquid. In baby food they are also, but if they put something else, It is required by law to specify.

Overall we have learned that on food labels is first put the ingredient is more proportion in the product. So first you see no fruit sugar, maybe consider buying a product with less sugar.

We reached a very important point: sweeteners: sap syrup, honey, the chilitol, agave syrup. Apart from the taste, parameters taken into account: Glycemic index. That is to say: when I am taking a sweetener , as I glucose levels rise and drop in the direction of effects like feeding the cándidas, vermin, ups and downs of mind, fermentations in the belly. For example a good sweetener is the Birch syrup which it has a glycemic factor 7; It looks like white sugar and closely resembles him a 95%, It is as sweet but not fatten both, cariogenic and does not have any negative effects described above. The explanation does not produce the decay is that prevents intestinal fermentations which they are responsible for the rise in pH inside the mouth, which it promotes bacteria and causes tooth decay.

Theme calcium for babies from the 6 months: Calcium is not only the continuation milk, but also in sufficient amounts in green vegetables, seeds such as sesame, vegetables. The gut is not ready for raw milk animal (unfermented or process). With yogurt is different: yogurt bacteria have already done the work as your stomach and have “preprocesado” raw milk, making it easier to digest. Same with processed cheese and other milk products.

In addition to this, at this store you can be found of course Ecological fruit and vegetables, yogurts, vegetable milk, herbs to mix and natural remedies, ecological cosmetics and shampoos (for moms and pregnant), eco nappies (chlorine and 95% organic), gluten-free products, Sugar baby foods. There are also products for dishwashers and washing machines green.

mamis, With this post I want to draw your attention to your healthy eating and your families. Maybe we are changing a little we can bring a better pregnancy, Postpartum easier and a more balanced eating habits.

Knowing a little better food, their properties and content can get a healthier life style for the whole family. Healthier and less disease! There is better than this!!