What's in Sant Cugat casales in August?

They have come from school holidays, July we have more or less covered for the kids as there are many farmsteads on sale. But what if we have to work in August, What about children?

Here you step a few proposals:

  1. Children Mirasol y Vollpelleres. Day make 1 and 2 of August, 26-30 August. Inscription sheet.
  2. Dance Works Sant Cugat, Kung Fu Sant Cugat, y Crossfit Lynx: Until the 9 of August. States offer a Summer Camp with martial arts, dance, sport and English.







3. Nemomarlin Sant Cugat: for children up to 6 years. just close 2 weeks in August.

4. somersaults: until the 9 August and from 26

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5. Magnolia nursery: They open the first and last week of August. Age: 0-3 years.

6. Afind Sant Cugat: until the 2 August incl.

7. Junior Sant Cugat: children born between 2007 and 2015. Of the 25 June to 2 August and 26 August to 6 of September.

8. Qguay park: not close in August. And programming guide . ages: 0-12

9. Babysitting Happy Way Sant Cugat: ages 0-6 years. Make every July and August.

10. Mirasolet nurseries: until the 9 of August. Age 0-3 years.

11.Babysitting Smiles: ages 0-6, until 9 of August.

Can Natura Fatjó: the place where children discover nature


Hello my dear @ s,

I guess all of us, the generation who are now parents, We have spent our childhood playing in the street. Care by grandparents, living in a house, spending the summer in the village or in the park near home. Children played outside, They are dirtied, They wallowed in the sand and thus were in daily contact with nature .

Today things are more complicated and time for free games after work and cole is fairer.

Maybe there is a place where the child in their day day can run free and have contact with plants, animals and the forest? Well, if you're Sant Cugat is good news: very close to you is the Can Natura Fatjó, which it is intended for children 1 to 6 years (There are also many mommies and daddies who instead of working would like to stay there too :))) .

Can Natura Fatjó It is a free-breeding, very close to Sant Cugat, which also has its own farm. It is a site all day, from 8 to 17 or part-time. I visited him in his open day. For me it really is a unique place.

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The choice and adaptation in the nursery


… as out this step in the best way possible

September is the month when most typical children and babies make their first steps towards becoming “greater” and make their entry into kindergarten. This means that your baby It will be all day with you, mommie, to see only a few hours a day. The same to you, It's a big change. Apart from returning to work (that maybe you do not even remember where the office is) and that is already a big change, You also have to very little used to being with your baby, have it away, to spend the day wondering if he cries, If you have eaten well, If you are playing, If you can sleep etc. etc.. All I say this as firsthand experience, also very freshly made.

So I decided to share a few tips I think you can do the entrance to this new era, return to “the real life” after the utopian motherhood, easier and more comfortable. When I say utopian motherhood do not think that I forget the hard part of Maternity – lack of sleep, change diapers, be aware 24 hours a day, crying .. but all will agree that is as nice to be with your baby, play with him, see her smile in the morning without having to go to work. At least if for me, I would stay another year at home without thinking.

Here I share some small “beginning” Before and after starting this time and related tips that can make the change less shocking:


The location of the nursery: Try to be as close as possible. At least in the beginning the nursery has to be close to not having the factor of the trip also. This will give extra reassurance to all. If it is not possible, Another option is that you choose one near your work. We must not forget the grandparents factor, or the person picking up your baby in case you become ill. Think about how you can get to the nursery (by car, train) , where they will park, where they will take it after etc. etc. If there is a huge climb to the nursery and you have to walk, Maybe it's not so easy to go with the car, especially for an elderly person. Or if you arrive by car, but it has good parking facilities.

Criteria for choosing the nursery: All this is very personal. There are different types of people, They are understanding raising different ways. Some want to introduce 3 languages ​​from the beginning, others prefer a center Waldorf or Montesorri. In Sant Cugat pronto open the first nursery Montesorri: https://www.montessorivillage.es/sant-cugat/. Many moms prefer to leave their kids with a Mother's Day. For example “My Little One” in Sant Cugat: http://maredediasantcugat.blogspot.com.es/ But you choose what you choose, the place you have to give Tranquility and trust. It is very advisable to talk to other moms who already have their kids in daycare for their opinions. Each takes the information that interests you and is useful. One would want to do interesting activities, another who has a schedule determined, or with (o no) uniform.. Before visiting nurseries that interest you, Make yourself a list of questions with the most important things for you.

The nursery has to make your life easier and not vice versa: before you start trying to ask all. Think of the day day. You have to go and how many times a week – Bibs , clothes, limit, towels. There are nurseries that have their own bibs, bed sheets, robes and glasses and others not. Some nurseries force you to put your uniform. Others let you put your clothes. There are mommies who prefer uniform since the nursery. I just tell: Your sin has to go comfortable at every stage of its development and you do not have to worry about one more thing. Consider the cost of the uniform course . If a uniform vale 30 euros this means you have to buy a minimum 4 – 2 winter and 2 Of summer. There are many moms who sell second-hand uniforms, It is very practical.

Adaptation time: there are parents who leave their small from day one, others prefer to enter a short time with him / her in, until the baby knows the environment. Make sure the nursery you have in mind allows you to adapt the way you queras for your sin. Because this is something very important for everyone in the main stage. If the child is not at ease in his new place, neither will you be. In the end it is the good of all.

Think like your little would be comfortable – that meal times and naps needs and if the new place is permitted. Especially when they are very small (P0 and P1) children make several naps and meals a day, therefore they need a flexible and adaptable environment to your needs. Of course, the routine is very important at this age but most important is that children are well cared for.

Your work schedule: it would be best if you work and family economy allows it, do part-time. So you'll spend more time with your baby, the abrupt change all day together nothing will not happen. You can take care of organizational things related to baby . Try to agree on a schedule with your boss to allow you to take care of your little hassle.

The division of labor at home: It is very important that at home have all clear – Who needs to do what and when. If Dad has so far not participated much in the tasks of care for the baby (prepare food, wear, laundry , bathing small, Go shopping) because now is the time to adapt to this 🙂 Let him time to get used to and very fond. And especially leave very clear what you have to do because parents often feel insecure if they have not previously dealt with these tasks (eg the small food preparation).

Calls list with the monthly menu daycare: There you see what your sin will eat at noon and you can plan leisurely dinner. Hence we know you have to prepare, that we're missing ingredients and where to buy them. I will always recommend when possible prepare meals for organic products. In Sant Cugat there are a few stores that offer products or ecological proximación.

How it is important in a nursery if my child has never been to a?? It is true. Many things you know before criterion. But many things and you begin to feel and realize when your sin has already begun.

Remember that you can see the complete list of nurseries in Sant Cugat on our website here: https://mamasdesantcugat.com/guarderias/.

And think of all the nurseries are good. You have to find the best for you!


And for you, mommie, How was the adaptation to day care? What practical advice can you give? Share them with us!!