What's in Sant Cugat casales in August?

They have come from school holidays, July we have more or less covered for the kids as there are many farmsteads on sale. But what if we have to work in August, What about children?

Here you step a few proposals:

  1. Children Mirasol y Vollpelleres. Day make 1 and 2 of August, 26-30 August. Inscription sheet.
  2. Dance Works Sant Cugat, Kung Fu Sant Cugat, y Crossfit Lynx: Until the 9 of August. States offer a Summer Camp with martial arts, dance, sport and English.







3. Nemomarlin Sant Cugat: for children up to 6 years. just close 2 weeks in August.

4. somersaults: until the 9 August and from 26

No photo description available.

5. Magnolia nursery: They open the first and last week of August. Age: 0-3 years.

6. Afind Sant Cugat: until the 2 August incl.

7. Junior Sant Cugat: children born between 2007 and 2015. Of the 25 June to 2 August and 26 August to 6 of September.

8. Qguay park: not close in August. And programming guide . ages: 0-12

9. Babysitting Happy Way Sant Cugat: ages 0-6 years. Make every July and August.

10. Mirasolet nurseries: until the 9 of August. Age 0-3 years.

11.Babysitting Smiles: ages 0-6, until 9 of August.

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About a child with autism in Sant Cugat (part II)

Hola a tod@s,

I put the second part of the interview with the mother of the child with ASD. She shares with us her day information day, how is a child with Down syndrome , what she has and needs. Our goal is to be aware of this disorder to help families affected.

The first part of the interview can found here.

8. How about L'Olivera? What educational program has?

The program adapts L'Olivera by the two specialists is there. They have a very extensive experience. The program is pre-done but still individual rhythms of each child. The other day I stayed with them on their progress and are very happy. They will make their educational program more complicated because it has exceeded expectations and initial assessment. We were also told that in recent years all teachers do training to work with children with disorders.

Bobi in the room adapted to your needs

Bobi in the room adapted to your needs

Also from the therapeutic private school we visited, They went to school Bobi to assess and give recommendations and suggestions. That in order to synchronize the work and school supplies and go in the same direction. Bobi is progressing well but works with an individual program tailored for following the program of children in class. Requirements for are not so high. For example now studying additions and subtractions. To Bobi everything is done with drawings, flores, bees etc.. and thus get visualize the idea of ​​the numbers to make these operations.

9. There is some kind of treatment and therapy programs offered for children like him. They take effect? You think is enough?

Catalonia occupational therapies are provided free by Social Security only for children up 6 year old. They are made once or twice a week. We made them DAPSI in the center where they visit as needed: psychologist, therapist, logopeda etc. For example the speech therapist helped Bobi accustomed to most common words of the day day – to recognize them and pronounce. In the beginning it was hard finding information on aid, therapies, scholarships. We did not know that in fact we should have a social worker assigned who helps us and informs. I guess the council will have to report who your social worker. This would have saved me a lot of time. Once you enter the system and have the diagnosis is fairly easy to obtain information on the possibilities and help there. In this sense it is all pretty well organized. But unfortunately only for children up to 6 years. Diagnosis why not change, or children no longer need treatment.

We also did therapy Social Security in Terrassa for children with autism with nutritional disorders. We have done 3 months and now we work at home.

Sometimes you do not have to be a professional person who can help you. We've noticed that people who are more successful with my son are in authority. For example in school there an assistant to eat that does a great job with Bobi. Yesterday for instance ate 3 large chunks of hake. As it has done? The girl gives hands a few pieces of Lego as she helps you eat. That he was carrying 3 years without eating hake. I'm super happy.

10. What are the occupational therapy?

Children with autism have difficulty feeling your body in the physical environment. Occupational therapies help them feel his legs and arms, not mareen, namely whether they are standing or lying etc. It helps them learn to maintain balance, alternate legs while walking. For example Bobi could not make it down the stairs. Always down side. They are taught to crawl, play the ball. They can not do all these things, They must be taught.

11. There is professional help for children over 6 years with the syndrome TEA (autism spectrum disorder)?

For older children 6 years is very difficult to get professional help. This is a great shame because the child continues to need these therapies. I can say even more than when they are smaller because children grow around and are becoming less tolerant and harder to accept different children. So to be able to integrate you are required many more therapies. These therapies are very expensive and very difficult to pay them.

From the 6 years of age have only a consultation with a psychologist once every 3 months. This visit is not a treatment itself; it is rather an aid for parents who have the problems they have had in these 3 months. The doctor gives them advice on how to organize, What activities do, general tips. Help with food issues also. These regular visits are fine but are not therapy for the child.

12. What organizations support and assistance is in Barcelona and surroundings?

In every city there is an organization, larger or smaller, depending on the means to. TEA llama is in Sant Cugat Sant Cugat. I first met in April. A few days later we participated in his initiative in order to increase the degree of information of the population. Opposite the monastery blue balloons inflate and handed out informational flyers in Sant Cugat stores participating in the initiative. In addition we did a workshop in front of the monastery badges. There is a sports organization "Dinamiks" which teaches disabled children to ride bikes. They organized a pedal stroke in the center of Sant Cugat with many monitors and police were vigilant to help everything go smoothly. Participating children with disabilities and their parents. Another event organized by Sant Cugat TEA took place 28.04. It was a movie premiere in theaters Sant Cugat, adapted to children with each type of disability: with the lowest sound and lighting. The good thing about these events is that parents and children can relax, feel good without worrying that they may annoy someone.

One of the stores participating in the initiative TEA Sant Cugat

Bobi photo on the day of Autism, TEA initiative organized by Sant Cugat

People participating in the initiative TEA front of the monastery Sant Cugat

TEA meetings Sant Cugat are every Thursday at Casa de Cultura. On the first floor, room 5. All who want to help are welcome to come and be interested how they can help. Generally most people have some voluntary family member or friend with autism but it would be good that more and more people come to support and learn because autism is a great unknown. Many people think that children have a mental disability but it is not true. Most have a mental capacity preserved, sometimes higher. They have other problems. So I am glad that more and more people are informed; in our class parents are very supportive: with information, comments, talking to their children saying it is a normal state. You have to help and support and accept their quirks laugh at him. This is the most important; Children learn very quickly especially when they have a good example at home.

13. What advice would you give to a mother who has just discovered that your child has autism?

That contact with other families in the same situation. This helps a lot to support and emotional support. They can share experiences that you can do and what not. On worry and do not. For me this is the most important. Everything else you can explain what doctors and teachers. I did not know anyone when we learned the state of Bobi and it was very hard. Beside someone in the same situation it would have been more "easy".

14. PROGNOSIS get doctors on the development of Bobi? He looks a very cheerful child, play, says many things. The fact that Cole is normal as all children age insurance is extremely beneficial for him.

Doctors have a very traditional thinking and offer alternative treatments like more types of food, vitamins.. Parents are the ones who seek more solutions. Where there is more support of this kind it is in private centers whose staff are more updated because they are continuously formed, They go to conferences and such are more up to date on the latest. But yes, Bobi has good prognosis socialization and integration.

15. How will welcome children and parents? You have ever noticed a less appropriate treatment?

In Spain we have not noticed. People familiar with the problem, It is very tolerant and loving. When you see that your child has a problem they are very positive and compressional. Is a relief for parents the fact of being accepted and receiving love our son. Sometimes it takes a little bit until you realize that the child has a problem. At first glance it may appear to be rude or very loud. But once you give them a sign that the child has a disorder, the parents' attitude changes quickly. So we've never had any problems with the treatment of children or their parents.

16. What things do you usually do at home, as you play with him, things that you like?

He plays and sports like any other child. She loves to go to playgrounds: Pulling the slide, going to the swings.. You would realize you do not play that has a disorder. He likes to play with Lego, swim, dive into the pool. Cartoon Network and likes to play with the tablet. He likes to cook with me.

It does not have a typical games or special routines. It has your game room. It has its rituals: for example sort their toys in a certain way.

He likes to eat raw stuff: broccoli, spaghetti.

17. I know several therapies do here in Sant Cugat, and that you are super happy! Can you tell me a bit more?

We do private therapy for Bobi here at Sant Cugat in the center Tot Therapy. Before we went in 3 but now we are different only in Tot therapy because we want you to know and follow their progress closely sites. Over the years the therapy changes, according to the needs of Bobi at this time. Now focus on speech therapy and occupational therapy because still many sensory problems.

Sensory integration room, a circuit visuospatial

In a special hammock that helps you feel your body

We seek therapy alone, we have experience also from Belgium. We know we want and if therapy is done right. We are very pleased to progress, but the prices are quite high: 60-70 euros per session. This therapy is needed, without it he will not have progress. At home it is impossible to get these results. In addition this is not the work of parents, but specialists. He goes 2 O 3 times a week after school to therapy.

18. He accepts his older brother as his little brother sees the world in a slightly different way?

He helps you a lot, accepts him as he is. You know your needs and play it. But of course it is a little sad that you can not communicate with his brother in the way that other children communicate with their brothers / sisters. We hope that in the future your relationship is to enfortalecer more. When we heard the diagnosis of Bobi, his brother was very small so it could not react in any way. He accepted it as it is because it has grown with its peculiarities and for this is normal.

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About a child with autism in Sant Cugat (part I)

  • The symbol “Infinity” formed by school pupils L'Olivera de Sant Cugat

Hola a tod@s,

The 2 April is celebrated every year Day World Autism Awareness. To this end throughout the month of April they are usually dedicate worldwide various events and campaigns. Autism is “a spectrum of disorders characterized by severe developmental deficits. Affect socialization, planning and the emotional reciprocity, and sometimes it causes repetitive or unusual behaviors.” In Spain the statistics of these cases comes 1 O 2 children per hundred. (health Act). This is a fairly high fee that is increasing in recent years. Nevertheless, We find little information about this syndrome, which it remains a great unknown.

That is why I am dedicating the publication autism, to take awareness and try to learn more about it. Knowing more we can communicate better with parents and children of families affected and give them the support to be dealt with this issue in the best way possible! This information is for us, parents. But it is essential that everyone talk to your child / a and explains how a child with autism, how to interact with a person with this disorder and that this child needs confirmation and acceptance.

To explain well I will tell you about a real case of a child who lives in Sant Cugat. So we will give more visibility and know the special characteristics of a person with autism, and how is your day day. First I want to thank Mom child be with us, for your time and for sharing your story. Because I think it is a sensitive topic which costs speak.

With this she also wants to take advantage and go to all of us: Children with autism are like any child, with the only difference that interpret the world in their own way. As a rule they are neither more nor less intelligent than others. There is a myth that these children are sobrecapacitados that is not entirely true. The best way to help families with children with this disorder is primarily informed and explain to our children that is autism.

I spoke with mom asking several questions. Below you can see all our conversation and told us she.

hello Anna, thank you very much for staying with us to discuss that topic. It is a sensitive issue and I am grateful to share with us your situation.

1. How old is your child and when you find out who has autism?

My child has now 8 years. We discovered that ultimately has autism when he was 3 years. At this time we lived in Belgium. But we begin to suspect since he was one and a half.

2. Which they were significant signs that it is likely that autism is? What made you seek help?

For that a year and a half suddenly ceased to talk (before said breast, father, friend, goodbye, dame.. typical for this age), look at us, play with his brother.. Until now it seemed so normal. He did not answer his name either. She laughed for no reason, I walked in a circle, claps and did not play with toys like other children in daycare. In his nursery in Belgium we were referred to a specialist who had suspected that autism is treatable and led us to make comprehensive test. This test had to do in their native language in order to have a definitive character.

3. As in Belgium they handled cases of children with autism?

In Belgium the waiting time for state aid is very high. So we started private therapies. After a few years we moved to Sant Cugat.

4. Since when you are in Sant Cugat? Which it offers state aid or social security for children with their diagnosis and their families?

We've been here almost 4 years. For families with children with autism disorder there is an economic aid in the form of scholarship. For example if a child makes private therapy is a state scholarship once a year. This scholarship covers in our case a 30-35% expenses. That the private school must give an assessment that type of treatment and therapy it is needed exactly and how much is the monthly cost. In addition to families with children with disorders have the right 2×500 euros per year requested in Social Security. You also have a deduction from the tax base 100 euros per month as the working mother. After we pulled the card disabled, request at Terrassa, "Service orientation and assessment for people with disabilities". We waited a year and a half for the official diagnosis. When you receive the card give a list of benefits: discount on the purchase of a car, Additional financial support, scholarship for therapies.

Bobi front and in their current school, on the day of Autism

5. Which “process” legal when there is suspicion that a child has autism?

I can not say whether by age and the case if the “process” assessment and treatment assignment can vary. I can tell you as it worked for us.

Well normally where doubt arises in the nursery because the child is surrounded by other neurotypical children (without autism). First we went to our official diagnosis (translated and authenticated) the Department of Education of the City of Sant Cugat to tell us about possibilities for schools. We derived the EAP (Team Consulting and Counseling) to make us advice and confirm the diagnosis. I guess if you start the process from zero here, It would take you about 6 months to have the diagnosis by a team of specialists.

EAP is the organization that helps parents of children. Schools are accountable to this organization to fulfill all rules and recommendations given. This is a center that deals with all children who need help with their education. They value the child what kind of school must be: The first option is a special school for children with disorders, where groups are 5 O 6 kids with 2 monitors. The second option is that the child is in a municipal school but with a special monitor for, accompanying him throughout the day. The third option is a municipal school with a special sector SIEI ("Intensive support for inclusive schooling") in-school specialists working with children with special needs as Bobi.

In this case children are most of the time with the teacher and other children. Only when they have problems to understand the subject of the class or need to take a break go to a special room that is adapted to your needs. Sant Cugat in several schools of this type that are specialized by type of disorder that can have child – for example autism, dyslexia, motor problems. Accordingly EAP derives the child to the appropriate school.

6. A school that was assigned at the beginning Bobi?

The first two years at school Bobi was concluded El Pinar de Nuestra Señora (all seats in municipal were busy as we were halfway through the school year). P4 and P5 there made, He adapted very well and had a great deal. They decided to put it in the class with younger children to adapt to the language and because it is physically a little smaller. are professors, despite not having special training for children with disorders she did very well (with the support of specialists EAP) and we are very grateful. People EAP came to school and made an assessment of the classroom, They advised us how to build a quiet corner for Bobi. We also got ideas like school supplies tailor and made periodic assessments of the work of the school.

Bobi Photos of Nuestra Señora del Pinar:



7. Now that school visit Bobi?

We decided to change schools for this primary to specialists throughout the day, which may be with and help. We had the choice between 4 municipal schools. We went to see them and we chose ours: The Olivera. Generally in each school there is a possibility that a child with special needs can study in, with either a monitor or UC industry.


You can read more in the second part of the interview which will be published soon!

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Así fue nuestro Storytelling and Songs for kids with Sherry! We had a great time!

Así fue nuestro Storytelling and Songs for kids in English with Sherry el 04.05 Green Bee restaurant in Sant Cugat! We had a great time!


We look forward to the next!




Please, If you have visited the event, Leave us a valuation! thanks 🙂


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Así fue nuestro Storytelling and Songs for kids with Sherry! We had a great time!
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New to Sant Cugat and need some help? I am your person here!

Hey there!

I am your guy (girl) in Sant Cugat!

Do you need some help with looking for an appartment, job or a medical service in Sant Cugat?

Do you have kids and need practical tips about nurseries, schools, peditricians?

Are you pregnant and looking for information regarding preparación classes, insurances, hospitals and doctors?

You don´t speak spanish or catalán and need help on an administrative topic? I´ll go with you and help you out!

I have two kids and speak Spanish, English, German, basic Russian , ,Catalán and also Bulgarian!

Offering personal sessions. For the future newcomers to Sant Cugat I also offer Skype sessions.

More information contact per email here.

I am expecting you!


You're new / a in Sant Cugat and need help? I am your person at Sant Cugat!


You need help finding your flat, doctor, or trabajo in Sant Cugat?

You have children and need information on childcare, schools and pediatricians?

You'll soon be mom and need practical advice on preparation classes, hospitals and doctors ?

While not speak Catalan and Castilian or need to do some administrative procedures? I'll lend you a hand!

I have two children and I speak Castilian, English, Russian (basic) and German, Bulgarian too!

Personalized sessions and also offer online for people outside.

For more information contact me by mail here.

I wait for you!


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A visit at the school gates open in Sant Cugat Creanova


Looking schools for my daughter P3 for my visit was mandatory in school-based education “learn to learn” and “learning by doing” in Sant Cugat – Creanova. I will tell you a little with words and pictures my impressions. As I always say, It is an opinion and point of view, in the world there are as many opinions as people.

In other publications I told you about my visits in some Schools públicos Sant Cugat and also on the visit from some private schools.

The education “Learning by doing” It represents a method where the child guide their own learning process, It encourages autonomy, self-esteem and ability to organize. Resources offered the child to develop all skills, since taking decisions about the various proposals of simultaneous activity. In classrooms no strict separation by age, children and help each other, They learn from each other. There are moments exclusive group for children and others who share spaces and activities with primary.

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Charter schools visiting Sant Cugat

Schoolyard Santa Isabel

Hi mommies / daddies,

Following the madness of school choice, I tell my experiences in two charter schools in Sant Cugat: Santa Isabel and La Vall. Both are Catholic schools. Must say that the concept of a religious school now makes 30 years has changed a lot.

As a reminder in this post You can view information about all schools in Sant Cugat, with its location, type and contact details.

Saint Elizabeth

It is a school with many years of history, situated in the center of Sant Cugat, the Rambla Ribatallada. The central part is in a beautiful old building (see photo above and after photo gallery). Other than that the school has 2 more buildings and a large courtyard Halved. One part is used as a "zone and soccer balls" and another that is undergoing reforms that will be the green and quieter where ball games are banned and children can sit quietly and take your lunch.

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Visiting public schools in Sant Cugat

The school symbol Pi d'en Xandri

Hi mommies and daddies,

If you have a child that next year will be in P3, Now you are sure the “fever” to seek out and visit schools.

In otros posts I have spoken over the organizational part of the process – the dates and the admission process to municipal schools in Sant Cugat. In this post I'll talk about my views on two of the public sprouts Sant Cugat. There were parents who were visiting all or most of the open doors, but in our family we knew that the proximity of the school for such a small child for us is very important. Why limit visits to schools and Pi d'en Joan Maragall Xandri.

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Open day schools Sant Cugat 2019/2020



your, parent of a child who this year will start the cole! you're sure anxious / a for making the best choice of a school, a choice that has a significant impact on the lives of your hij @ and family life and routine.

Well if you have not seen any school (I recognize that and I saw a few), Here are the dates of open doors in the municipal and private schools in Sant Cugat! Many private schools also do these days, but do not worry if you miss the deadline for a private you can always ask for a personalized tour! In municipal are stricter, so if you are interested in a municipal school tries to visit the open day!

Here are the dates announced a few days ago by the cugat.cat page:

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