The new nursery in the center of Sant Cugat opens the doors – Anna Ravell

New private nursery in Sant Cugat - Anna Ravell expands the educational offer of the Santa Isabel school

The Anna Ravell Home is a private nursery that has opened its doors this course, expanding in this way the educational offer of the school Saint Elizabeth of Sant Cugat.


Project description:


La Llar Anna Ravell is a nursery for boys and girls from 0-3 years, located in the heart of Sant Cugat, which is part of the Santa Isabel school, the oldest in town. One of its pillars is child care: that he is well and happy, and that is why the day revolves around their basic needs and learning the natural habits of their age. Through the development of physical abilities, sensory, affective, social and moral make children know reality in its totality and feel comfortable within it. The center offers trilingual education from 4 months, with flexible hours, adapted to the needs of each family.


Full name: Anna Ravell Nursery – Santa Isabel School
Address: Rambla Ribatallada, 12, Sant Cugat del Vallés 08172
Phone: 936740414


A list of all the nurseries in Sant Cugat you can find here.


Learn Spanish in Sant Cugat with Espai Sofia

spanish classes space sofia

Are you ready to learn spanish? It seems that soon we will be able to return to the classrooms! 😎
Sign up until 28.02 and get a 25% discount on the first monthly payment.
We offer group and individual classes, online or in person with the best native teachers with more than 15 years of experience in teaching Spanish to foreigners. 👌
More information: 673 983 903 the

Open doors for pregnant women, children and families with babies

open house family activities

How are you? We started school and September in full swing, wanting to do things and always with the maximum measures to prevent Covid-19.

We present our open classes that will take place in the coming days.

  • English for children of 0-3 and 3-6 years : Friday 18.09 at 10:00 and tuesday 22.09 at 17:20
  • Yoga for pregnant: Thursday 24.09 at 19:30
  • Hypopressives in the postpartum: Friday 18.09 at 11:00
  • Psychomotor skills for babies (0-12 months): 23.09 at 16:00
  • Yoga family: 23.09 at 17:00



You are interested? Come to know our activities!


Contact us now and reserve your place: WhatsApp 673 983 903, mail:

We will wait for you!


If you still don't follow us on Instagram or Facebook, fail now!:)

Tel.: 673 98 39 03

Spanish classes for foreigners

Spanish lessons spanish lessons lessons sant cugat space sofia

Spanish classes for foreigners in Sant Cugat

We are offering spanish classes for foreigners in Sant Cugat in small groups and different times of the day. Our teachers have a lot of experience, also saturdays possible. For more information please contact: 673 983 903 or You can also use our contact form.

You can see our current timetable in our calender.

Because of the COVID-19 situation, our classes are now offered online!

We offer Spanish classes for adults in Sant Cugat in small groups at different times, Saturdays included. Small groups with highly experienced teachers. For more information contact 673 983 903 the You can also use our Contact Form.

You can see our current schedule in the calendar.

Due to the current situation with COVID-19 all our classes are passed online.

Montessori arrive in Sant Cugat: Mini-class Montessori

Children first approach activities with Montessori approach. cozy atmosphere and Montessori materials available to children.

Learn new concepts,develop language, prepare and enjoy a rich and healthy snack the Montessori style. Advice for Dads.

Age | 11-12 months until 3 years
Duration | ​1h30

Agenda | Mondays: 10:30 – 12:00 (14-21 October, 04-11-18-25 of November, 02-09 from December 2019)

Price | Proof class: 12​€​- loose class: 17​€ – Bono 5 lessons: 75€ (Free coffee for dads and snack included for children)

Example organizing a “Mini-class” :

10h30 Presentation Space dads and children and first approach.
10h40 Duty cycle Montessori: children discover the different materials available and we take that time to “to work” individually.
11h25 Group Moment: songs, reading stories, psychomotor, ball game, according to the needs of children.
11h35 prepare and share a snack.
11Discussion h50 between dads, exchanges, Question Time, etc.
12h00 Farewell, end of “mini-class”.

What's in Sant Cugat casales in August?

They have come from school holidays, July we have more or less covered for the kids as there are many farmsteads on sale. But what if we have to work in August, What about children?

Here you step a few proposals:

  1. Children Mirasol y Vollpelleres. Day make 1 and 2 of August, 26-30 August. Inscription sheet.
  2. Dance Works Sant Cugat, Kung Fu Sant Cugat, y Crossfit Lynx: Until the 9 of August. States offer a Summer Camp with martial arts, dance, sport and English.

3. Nemomarlin Sant Cugat: for children up to 6 years. just close 2 weeks in August.

4. somersaults: until the 9 August and from 26

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About a child with autism in Sant Cugat (part II)

Hola a tod@s,

I put the second part of the interview with the mother of the child with ASD. She shares with us her day information day, how is a child with Down syndrome , what she has and needs. Our goal is to be aware of this disorder to help families affected.

The first part of the interview can found here.

8. How about L'Olivera? What educational program has?

The program adapts L'Olivera by the two specialists is there. They have a very extensive experience. The program is pre-done but still individual rhythms of each child. The other day I stayed with them on their progress and are very happy. They will make their educational program more complicated because it has exceeded expectations and initial assessment. We were also told that in recent years all teachers do training to work with children with disorders.  Continue reading